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Skunk Removal

Skunks are usually attracted to lawns, gardens and any garbage area. Once the skunks find a good food source, they will continue to return to feast. Skunks can live under your porches, rocks, sheds and debris. If you have them in your property, they will need to be removed. Aanteater Pest Control and Wildlife Services strictly adhere to an all-encompassing and sustainable integrated pest management strategy when dealing with skunks. Our goal is to provide the best long term solution to the problem, and based on our data and record keeping, animal exclusion has shown to be the most effective and cost efficient method of permanent skunk removal.

Facts about Skunks:

  • Skunks are active mostly all year long
  • They are devoted omnivorous. They eat food scraps discarded by humans and eat grubs, slugs, insects, etc... in the wild
  • Skunks don't climb like raccoons and won't enter your attic
  • Skunks discharged a musk from their anal gland that is so potent it can cause temporary blindness
  • Skunks can live up to about 5 years
  • Skunks are nocturnal (active at night)

Our goal is to prevent the skunk from being harmed and guaranteeing that a new animal will not replace it. Our knowledgeable skunks removal technicians will install a one-way door on the entry point allowing the skunk to leave but will not be able to get back in. The technician will also let you know of other potential entry points, most notably the perimeter of the affected area (i.e. under a deck or shed) and will recommend trenching and screening the problem areas.

At Aanteater Pest Control and Wildlife Removal Services, we believe we are the best company for skunks removal.

A good skunk removal company should:

  • Provides an estimate before doing the job
  • Knowledgeable and experience
  • Offer long-term solutions that prevent skunks from coming back to the same place
  • Provides written guarantee
  • Humane removal techniques such as using live traps or one-way doors
  • Employing licensed technicians

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